We have a seven-member Board of Directors. CCC elections are held every September. Anyone wishing to run for the board must submit their nomination intentions to Kevin J. Lopes, the Bar Manager, no later than August 31. After the September elections, the new board will meet on the first Tuesday in October and select a Chairman of the Board.

Ballot box | Voting urn rendered with Blender 3d | FutUndBeidl ...


International Halloween Madness by ICT • Akvárium  TBD, 2020: Halloween Party, 7:00 pm. Public




TBD 2020: Members Only Turkey Shoot, 7:00 pm              Time for annual Turkey Shoot wherein no turkeys are shot - Orcas ...





? Members' Christmas Party 2019 ? | Sydney Mechanics' School of ...   TBD: Members Only Christmas Party 4:00 pm






Kids' Christmas Party • Techniquest






TBD: Kids Christmas Party 1:30 pm













New Year's Eve Party - THE ARC SUSQUEHANNA VALLEY            December 31, 2021. New Year’s Eve Party 7:30 pm